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February 4, 2012

Gerbil Physics available soon on Windows Phone

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After a trifling 15 months of unrelenting hard graft, we’re finally done and are really pleased to announce that Gerbil Physics will be available on Windows Phone sometime really soon!

It’s been a long, interesting journey, and we pretty much ended up rewriting every component of the original Xbox Indie release.  The physics engine, Farseer, got upgraded to the latest version (a Box2D port) which makes for much faster play and better performance even than the Xbox version.  All objects move faster and feel heavier, making the game much more fun.  The particle engine got upgraded, and the whole UI was rewritten to suit touch, which works really well with this style of game.  The game is being published by Microsoft Game Studios as a fully-fledged Xbox LIVE title, so we’ve got a range of amusing Xbox LIVE Achievements for people to earn, and there are friends Leaderboards incorporated too.

We also added lots more levels (3 times as many as the first Xbox release), loads more animations (4 times as many), plus commissioned new music.  We’ve taken on board all the feedback we got from the Xbox releases, and hope everyone who tries it will be pleased with the results. Fingers crossed!

Gerbil Physics on Windows Phone


February 10, 2010

Valentine’s Day Promotion

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Gerbil Physics Valentines Day

Gerbil Physics for Valentine's Day!

In an effort to market the game Gerbil Physics better, Jon the artist created a rather funny poster (high resolution downloads available here) showing the game as a kind-of Valentine’s Day gift.

The somewhat tenuous and unlikely idea was that the game would make a good Valentine’s Day gift.  This concept we hawked around some news sites, and happily got picked up by Kotaku and a few others, although sadly Microsoft declined the opportunity to feature this on their Xbox Dashboard ;).

I’ll be blogging about how sales were impacted by this and our other marketing efforts in a future post.

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